Liz Valenti

Tunnocks Tea Party

I started to make shoes following thoughts about making smaller pieces displayed in glass domes. I have always been attracted to objects displayed in glass domes. I first worked with the tin wrappers from Tunnocks Tea Cakes. I was selected to be a part of the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2021, theme Reclaiming Magic and curated by Yinka Shonibare RA.

My shoes were very well received! I went on to make gloves and a dress.

Tea Party Shoes

Red & Silver or Blue & Gold

Labelled original
18 x 31 cms glass dome
£450 per pair
©️ Liz Valenti 2022

Tunnocks Tea Party Dress

This dress was made as a part of my interest in working with Tunnocks Tea Cake foil wrappers. I cut the pattern from a child’s dress I have in my collection. The red bands and discs are all cut from foil while the lacey edges are made of Dresden papers which are specialist die-stamped papers.

Tea Party Dress

Signed original
70 x 80 cms framed
©️ Liz Valenti 2022